Welcome to Showroom 76, the Athens based fashion agency and distribution company, which was founded in 2007. At Showroom 76, we seek at representing some of the fastest growing and commercially successful brands from the European market. We aim to grow the brands we represent through our network of retailers, which consists of well-known boutiques, concept stores, e-shops and boutiques in popular summer resorts. Our company has also worked with major department stores in Greece.

Our business begins with a passion for our brands and a deep understanding of our customers, for who we operate as a reliable link between the brand and the retailers. At Showroom 76, we truly understand the personal approach required to enable each to grow and prosper. We respect the needs of each supplier and use our intimate market knowledge to ensure the individual success of each brand we represent.

To ensure we maintain the right image for our brands, we apply strict criteria when selecting stores to supply. The stores have to be well located, financially sound and demonstrate their loyalty to the brands they sell.

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