Jutelaune aims to offer a high quality product made by local artisans in Spain. This implies maintaining a company which is closely united to the local trade and labor, creating a simple, stylish and above all, ethical shoe.

Both of the products are made by local artisans from Menorca (avarcas) and from La Rioja (Espadrilles).

The avarcas, also known as abarcas or menorquinas is the most traditional footwear in Menorca. They have their origin in the footwear worn by rural population of the island and are only handcrafted by generations of local artisans, which carry out the task of continuing to manufacture a shoe worn by many generations in this magical island.

The espadrilles are made by artisans manufacturers since 1982 and they´re committed to maintain the process of crafting of the espadrilles intact. They origin is Pyrenean and known to exist at least since year 1322, the year that a document written in Catalan espadrilles described as "espardenyes"

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